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Tue Jun 5 04:39:52 EDT 2018

Just to add my tuppence,
I have in the past had to write something in Python, a connection to 
google calendar, to just sync the calendar with a local database...
If the local Python could be used, that would be great...
Is it easy to add packages to the python-portable environment?
- and then package that within an installer as well for release?

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 04/06/2018 21:38, Mirko Pepa wrote:
> Hi Stefan
> I actually have no specific idea. But sometimes I had some needs, where I thougt they would be easy to solve in Python, sometimes I found some nice libraries in python. I ended solving them in Shellscripts, which are not crossplattform.
> Omnis is crossplatform and has python installed with it, so it would be nice, if we could use it.
> I know, I could use java, but then I have to worry with too much dependencies and it's too big for the rather small things I wanted to do.
> For me it would be ok, if I could just execute a python script and get back some simple results. Like with the Launch program-Command. I don't need a full integration (of course it would be nice).
> So the questions are:
> - What is the path to call the omnis-buildin python interpreter?
> - where should I put the python scripts/libraries, so that they work nicely with the interpreter?
> - do I have to observe some other gotchas? Initialisation?
> I think, this would be an interesting topic for a technote. __
> Regards
> Mirko
> Am 1.6.18, 10:55 schrieb "omnisdev-en im Auftrag von Stefan Csomor" <omnisdev-en-bounces at im Auftrag von csomor at>:
>      Hi Mirko
>          I would like to use it for Parts of my omnis App, but I did not find out how.
>      What exactly would you want to use it for ? I did a presentation on my oPython Omnis Python Wrapper 10 years ago in Fulda, but unfortunately only a few were interested, in the end no one used it then, David McKeone did some tests with my sources in 2012 but I don't know whether he pursued this any further ..
>      Best
>      Stefan
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