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Hi Wendy

Go for the databridge it will avoid the need to mess around with caching on the server.  It’s really simple to install and doesn’t need too many mods to the library, if I recall correctly we only had to modify the open data file commands

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> On 2 Jun 2018, at 08:25, Wendy <wizardcompserv at> wrote:
> Hi there
> I have now got the software installed on the Citrix server - a multiuser
> version of Omnis and 1 copy of the library andall seems to work fine in
> single user.
> Write behind caching.  When running the software locally into a DML it is
> essential that write behind caching is turned off - now that it is being run
> from Citrix - does it still need to be turned off locally and does it have
> to be turned off on the server? 
> The reason for the question is because I tried to turn it off on the server
> and got the following message
> 'Windows could not change the write-caching setting for this device.
> Your device might not support this feature or changing the setting'
> If it has to be turned off can it be done directly on the server rather than
> via Citrix?
> Omnis support have suggested I use  a data bridge but I do not want to start
> installing something I have no knowledge of unless it is really necessary as
> the customer wants to switch over to using Citrix in the next couple of
> weeks.
> Many thanks
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