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Mike Matthews omnis at lineal.co.uk
Fri Jul 27 05:03:39 EDT 2018

Thanks for that Kelly.  If Dmytro can’t do anything soon for the Windows builds there a poorer plan we could follow though?



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> On 27 Jul 2018, at 08:46, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at montana.com> wrote:
> Hi Jean-Marc,
> I've put an archive here that you can download.  I don't have much bandwidth here, so if someone else can host this file for the long term, please do.  I'll leave it there over the weekend.
>  http://www.kellyb.com/privateTemp/ExcelFormat372.zip
> I've since built a new Mac xcomp based on libXL 3.8.2, which fixed a crash that one dev was seeing with Excel spreadsheets containing filters.  I've requested specially compiled libXL static libraries needed to build a 3.8.2-based xcomp for Windows.  Dmytro was kind enough to do that for me when 3.7.2 was new.  He hasn't responded to my new 3.8.2 request.  If he's unable or unwilling, I can build a 3.8.2-based Windows xcomp that will again have a dependency on libXL.dll, which I was able to get away from in this self-contained 3.7.2 build.  See the readMe file for details.
> There was also a bug found in the 64bit builds relating to 13-digit integers.  I've fixed that in the 3.8.2 Mac build, but not in any of the 3.7.2 builds.
> Kelly
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