Calculations in JS data grids

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Hi Will,

I'm afraid JS data grid columns don't have calculations.

What you can do instead is use the $columnmode kJsDataGridModeCustomFormat which then allows you to write html instead 
of the normal column value per each cell, in a special method named $formatcell.

For the full reference see page 135 of the webdev manual or this example lib

Here's a sample :



;; MUST be named $formatcell and be a child method of the datagrid widget
:: MUST be client-side
;; takes 2 parameters
;; pline Var ;the current list line when constructing the grid
;; pcol Var ;the current list column when constructing the grid

If pcol=1 ;; we want to override the value of the first column

     Begin text block
     Text: {<span> [pick(iList.[pline].status,'active','disabled','completed')] </span>}
     End text block
     Get text block html
     Quit method html

End If

Of course, since this method wil run per each line and column, it is probably a good idea to keep it short and use it 
only on small lists having few columns ...


PS : I just spent a couple of days in Croyde Bay last week, and really enjoyed the chill out atmosphere of North Devon 
after the crowded, noisy and overheated London.

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Le 25/07/2018 à 17:44, will via omnisdev-en a écrit :
> Hi List,
> In thick client Omnis a column in a headed list field can be given a calculation such as a pick() or con(), we use this quite a lot to translate integer data...
> i.e.  when iList.status is 1 we see 'disabled' using this: pick(iList.status,'active','disabled','completed')
> For JS Data Grids it seems we are forced to map to a specific column in the list using $columndatacol, so the user sees the int value rather than the translation.
> Has anyone found a way to manipulate the text of a list in a remote form using an Omnis calc, or perhaps JS code? or are we forced to add another column to the list and manually translate to text before displaying it?
> Best regs...
> Will
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