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Keep in mind that most people won't allow you to disable SIP and even when they do, you're going to start running into problems when OS patches undo your changes.
Apple has closed this off, it a pain in the..... Most software is slowly adapting installing software in the alternative locations Apple still allows provided what you install doesn't clash with any of the inbuilt stuff.
Not to mention the reaction we often ran into, "what? you need JAVA? but Apple says JAVA is evil, see that message that pops up when we open your application? we'll go to the competition thank you, you're not installing JAVA, no sir!". Luckily we didn't actually use JAVA so we were able to remove JAVA from the Omnis installation and restore the lost confidence of our clients.

Until this year when I was forced to spend months writing an XCOMP that interfaces with the government because our government has chosen to make JAVA a core part of their toolset and at least half of our clients are Mac based and not happy about it. Oh what fun! Learned a bunch of new stuff though :)

In the end, for me it's more clear evidence Apple is now only catering to consumers and it is less and less the platform of choice for anything but end user products that use Apple sanctioned features. Server products are a dead end, using Macs for business purposes is getting harder and harder.
Truth be told, a vast part of Apples target market needs this level of protection on their OS because most people out there are still in todays day and age clueless about the ever increasing risks of being online. So I actually believe its a smart choice on Apples part, it is core to their reputation that Macs are safe and Macs are easy and there simply is no money in the business market for them, they only stand to loose.
For us though, its a regular headache.

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This is just a note for those that want to use Studio 4.x on OSX High Sierra with JAVA. 

Problem: Since 10.11.6 OSX seems to have closed off its /System/Library/Java/… folders form change.

We had a need to install the older JVM and the way its done is by

1. Disabling SIP (System Integrity Protection) on OSX: 
* Google it OR
a. reboot in repair mode (command R while it chimes)
b. via terminal type csrutil disable ( you can enable it later if you like )
c. reboot

2. Enable root user

3. Install JAVA 1.6.x (from apple website) and...
If you have an older system that has the CoreDeploy.bunble and Deploy.bundle in the /System/Library/Java/Support folder; check to see if “Home” folder sub-tree exists in the /System/Library/Java/Support/CoreDeploy.bundle/Contents/ folder; if it does zip both the “bundle” files and transfer them to the new OSX’s /System/Library/Java/Support/ folder. Otherwise goto /System/Library/Java/Support/CoreDeploy.bundle/Contents/ folder and mkdir -p Home/lib/security and then try to have there the “cacerts”, “blacklist” and “trusted.libraries” files. 

Hope that helps others. 


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