Where did you get $selectexact and $fetchinto

Bastiaan Olij bastiaan at basenlily.me
Wed Jan 31 22:59:24 EST 2018

Hi Das,

Provided Omnis knows the context, i.e. right click on an object
(reference) variable with the subtype set to a class or clicking view in
the toolbar of the method editor, you will often find an entry called
interface manager.

The interface manager lists all methods, build in ones, inherited ones,
your methods, that belong to the class you're looking at including a
short description of the method and its parameters.

That is often a good starting point.



On 1/2/18 8:20 am, Das Goravani wrote:
> I just tried to look up $selectexact in both the Programming and Notation Manuals and it is in neither.  But I noticed it in someone’s code posted to me as an example and it looks like a very cool tool to have as select exact is often exactly what we’re doing. 
> My question is where did you find out about such things if they’re not documented?
> Are there more undocumented goodies lurking inside Omnis.  Is there a “Master's List” of such things? 
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