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HI An,

I agree with Alex - we had a problem with Omnis libraries and GitHub Desktop - it seems that you need to somehow tell Bit bucket that the Omnis Library is a binary file - that way it won't try and strip CR/LF and do some sort of platform conversion.

For us, there was a settings file we needed to put in place.  In the .gitattributes file we put the following:

# Declare that .lbs files are binary
*.lbs binary


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> Hi An,
> I would start with comparing the library file you upload with the one you download from Bitbucket. Omnis needs read and write access to the file, so check its file permissions and the read-only flag.
> Past that, I wonder if Bitbucket is corrupting the binary data somehow. You could use a hex editor to compare the first few bytes of each file. An Omnis Studio 8.1 library should begin with 35 01 01 00. You can also check a hash of the library file to see if the upload and download process changed them. On macOS run this command to get the SHA1 of a file:
> shasum [path to lbs]
> You might also try zipping the Omnis library and seeing if you can upload it, download it, decompress the zip and then access the library. Again, there may be an issue with Bitbucket working with the larger binary Omnis library files. If Bitbucket is causing problems, see if your Bitbucket admin can enable Git LFS (large file support). This might do a better job dealing with lbs files.
> We store larger (60 MB+) Omnis library files in Subversion over https without issue. But the only libraries I've stored in git so far are our open-source libraries on GitHub, and they're tiny.
> Alex

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