Please free me from this - I'll PAY

Das Goravani das at
Tue Jan 30 13:51:58 EST 2018

Thank you Alex, you’re very kind

I have tried what you recommended and guess what, it still will not $prepare the statement

Sta: {INSERT INTO customers (cust_id) VALUES (nextval('seq_cust_id'))}


Sta: {INSERT INTO customers (cust_id) VALUES (default)}


Sta: {INSERT INTO customers (cust_id) VALUES (‘default’)}

We have this down to the simplest form and it says “Unrecognized custom attribute”

Then I put a value, 1, to see if it would work and it did not

Sta: {INSERT INTO customers (cust_id) VALUES (1)}

So something is wrong with my overhead… the way things are set up… but I think I’m doing something very basic. 

Basic in that first of all I’m just trying to insert a record with a sequence number, that’s it.  INSERT A RECORD. 

The row is in a Window actually from the sample’s provided so my names are Omnis’s names…from their samples… 

iSqlRow is a row defined from a SQL class and has the session object assigned.  Mind you using this row with a simple $insert command WORKS. 

But I can’t get a sequence number into that command.

Now I see Doug has posted another method, which I’ll try, though it seems convoluted. 

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