Please free me from this - I'll PAY

Das Goravani das at
Tue Jan 30 13:18:14 EST 2018


I’m sitting here very frustrated as I have to be able to enter a new record with a serial number, I simply HAVE TO BE ABLE TO or I can’t move. 

I’ve been stuck for three days now on trying to get a serial generator number into a new record.  

I’m also stuck with Omnis not willing to accept my INSERT INTO statement which will supposedly fetch the number.  

If someone can get me OUT of this conundrum I will pay them with my credit card. 

Postgres Manual says to use in place of “VALUE” for the field:  nextval (‘serialgeneratorname’).   but I don’t know if this works as it won’t accept my INSERT INTO command that contains it.  

I have tried quoting everything, I have tried everything. 

If you choose to answer please stay on these topics and don’t post things to me which are way over my head.  I’m really trying to get an INSERT INTO command to work, and a serial generator contained in that to work. 

Or I’m looking for other ways to make a serial generator work 

Here’s the code from a Table Class that will not $prepare, it stops there saying “unrecognized custom attribute”, but if you look at my Sta: command there is nothing there unusual. I got the field names from the “$insertnames” command, $cinst is pointing to my row correctly.  This should work but doesn’t. Any ideas why ? 

Begin statement

Sta: {INSERT INTO customers ("cust_id","cust_firstname","cust_lastname","cust_email","cust_phone","cust_address1","cust_address2","cust_city","cust_state","cust_zip","cust_balowed","cust_bizname") VALUES (nextval ('seq_cust_id'),@[$cinst.cust_firstname],@[$cinst.cust_lastname],@[$cinst.cust_email],@[$cinst.cust_phone],@[$cinst.cust_address1],@[$cinst.cust_address2],@[$cinst.cust_city],@[$cinst.cust_state],@[$cinst.cust_zip],@[$cinst.cust_balowed],@[$cinst.cust_bizname])  RETURNING ('cust_id')}

End statement
Do $cinst.$prepare() Returns lReturnFlag.   <————it stops here, with unrecognized custom attribute
Do $cinst.$execute() Returns lReturnFlag

No matter what I cut out of the Sta: command, right down to nothing left but the most basic, it STILL won’t $prepare

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