O$ 813, Postgres, $addcustomtype, error?

Mirko Pepa mirko.pepa at profile.ch
Tue Jan 30 09:03:13 EST 2018

Hello $all

I wanted to add a custom datatype for XML. So I coded in the $construct of the Session:
Do $cinst.$addcustomtype(10000001,'xml') Returns #F

The flag is ktrue after execution, but as soon that I want to insert a record in a table with a XML-field postgres gives me an error.
When I exclude the xml-field from insertion everything works.

When I use
Do $cinst.$addcustomtype(65001,'xml') Returns #F
the insert with the xml-field works. So I suppose, that it works only with 2 byte-numbers (up to 65536).

I cannot use 65536, as my xml is bigger.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Best regards


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