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Tue Jan 30 06:01:57 EST 2018

Hi all,

I've been working with Omnis and the export to JSON for the last weeks. 
I've added the JSON files to BITBUCKET and that works fine. I can do a rebuild from JSON and Import from JSON.

Now I also added all mijn libraries to BITBUCKET and that gives problems. It all works fine when I work on my mac but when I pull the libraries from any other computer (mac or windows) I cannot open the libraries in Omnis. I get the error Omnis cannot read the library?

I've now tried this on my mac where I have Omnis 8.1.3 installed and my windows pc where I also Omnis 8.1.3 64bit have installed. Even on my mac (from where I pushed the first library) when I do a new pull from BITBUCKET I cannot open the library anymore?

When I just copy the library from my mac to the windows I can open the library without any problems.

Any of you have any experience with this?

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