All my attempts fail, can we talk serial generator methodologies

Das Goravani das at
Mon Jan 29 20:36:14 EST 2018

In a generalized way of answering, what are the methods of doing serial generators because following the Postgres Manual and what I have heard on the board I can’t get to work

Specifically I cannot get an INSERT INTO statement to work. I keep getting “unrecognized attribute” from Omnis who will not do the $prepare statement.  It will not even try, it stops execution and complains.  This is true Inside a Table as well.

Is there a way to do serial generation with the simple $insert command that comes with the row.

I tried everything that’s been said to me.  Kelly caught that my code was only Table compatible, so I got it into a table, called it, and got the same error message.  I get why he moved me there… and I handled everything right… still. “Unrecognized custom attribute”

The ONLY ways I’ve seen of doing serial generation is to package it into an insert into statement.

But I can’t get one to work. 2 days now I’ve been struggling with this.  I know what I’m doing to some degree.. don’t think me daft completely. 

This is really odd and baffling…should be such a simple thing

I am running code successfully, for example I have session pools implemented successfully

When I create the sequence generators and column defaults for the serial number, I get positive flags on my code step by step

I have other SQL statements in both Sta commands and exec direct and they are working.  

I get it, but I’m having a really odd one.  INSERT INTO… cannot get it to work

How else can I do serial generators and get the number into the data and saved

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