cURL with $runapplescript

Nick Renders omnis1 at
Mon Jan 29 04:22:03 EST 2018

Hi Michael,

Have you tried catching the error in AppleScript?

		set strResult to do shell script "curl http://www.omnis.nett"
	on error strError number nrError
		set strResult to "ERROR " & nrError & return & strError
	end try
	return strResult

Also, you could try and write the CURL output in a text file,
but I'm not sure if it would write any errors. Perhaps one of
the CURL parameters will allow you to do so

	curl http://www.omnis.nett > ~/Desktop/curloutput.txt

Nick Renders

On 26 Jan 2018, at 17:09, Michael Mantkowski wrote:

> We are using the code below to run cURL on the Mac to send a email.  
> It
> works fine when all your input is correct.  But if you have a 
> incorrect
> password for instance, then the "Result" field is returned and empty 
> and the
> lvError is 1753.
> Does anyone know how to make it return the status information from 
> cURL even
> if the command is not successful?  I want to use that to help the user 
> know
> what is wrong.
> Begin text block
> Text: curl -s -S --verbose --url
> 'smtp[pick(pSecure,'','s','')]://[pHostName]' --ssl (Carriage return)
> Text: --mail-from '[pSenderEmail]' (Carriage return)
> Text: --mail-rcpt '[pRecipientEmail]' (Carriage return)
> Text: --upload-file [MessageFilePathPOSIX] (Carriage return)
> Text: --user '[pUserName]:[pPassword]' (Carriage return)
> Text: 2>&1     ;; Outputs STDERR to STDOUT.  Verbose uses STDERR.
> Applescipt returns STDOUT
> End text block
> Get text block Command
> Do replaceall(Command,kCr,kSp) Returns Command     ;; Replace carriage
> returns with spaces to correct the formatting of the command.  Text 
> blocks
> in omnis dont allow leading or trailing spaces
> Calculate AppleScript as con("do shell script ",kDq,Command,kDq)
> Do $runapplescript(AppleScript,Result) Returns lvError
> Calculate pTranscriptOut as Result
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