Making "returning" give back the SERIAL

Das Goravani das at
Sun Jan 28 17:23:14 EST 2018

Omnis doesn’t like this statement

INSERT INTO customers VALUES (DEFAULT,@[$cinst.Cust_FirstName],@[$cinst.Cust_LastName],@[$cinst.Cust_eMail],@[$cinst.Cust_Phone],@[$cinst.Cust_Address1],@[$cinst.Cust_Address2],@[$cinst.Cust_City],@[$cinst.Cust_State],@[$cinst.Cust_Zip],@[$cinst.Cust_BalOwed],@[$cinst.Cust_BizName])  returning “Cust_ID"

Can you see anything wrong with it

Note it contains a call to DEFAULT the first field, and a RETURNING clause at the end for the name of that field

I have double and rechecked that I have a serial generator running and have set the default for that column to the serial generator

The above should work but it’s not and I’m frustrated

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