O$:5.2.3-MacOS 10.13.2 :: Drag and drop becomes impossible (because of fonts?)

Doug Easterbrook doug at artsman.com
Sat Jan 27 12:18:29 EST 2018

hi JM.

I don’t think its fonts:)     I’m thinking one or more of
Default Folder (a product I love but have now disabled)
WindowMizer (also disabled)
HDMI connection to older monitor
Apple’s updated the EFI firmware a fair bit recently and we are seeing more reports of crashes when people try to talk over TCP ports to ticket printers (crash logs indicate that something changed in the hardware
my ribbon bar mac book pro…

or bottom line — Studio 5.2.3 is about to hit end of life as a Carbon App on High Sierra because Apple has much less interest in maintaining compatibility — since they have explicitly stated no more 32 bit in the next OS release.

it could be fonts .. but I really don’t have any additional ones installed except a bar code one — and it isn’t crashing when it uses that.

but my bet is on Carbon API’s being interfered with on applications that are Cocoa.

its like life support . I have good days when I disable the above .. and bad days when I don’t.

why do I think HDMI connection to an older monitor might play into it.     its a funny thing, but each time  I connect that monitor, the LG 5K wants to update firmware as it says the version is old.    reboot and unplug that second monitor .. and the firmware is mysteriously at its current version.

I have  demonstrated this about a dozen times  on my machine .. relatively consistently…   and when it happens, this is one of the contributing conditions Omnis studio 5.2.3 will not allow drag and drop.

It also happens on my runtime versions  that have far fewer xcomps in the omnis tree.

so this is why I’d wager EFI firmware and API incompatibilities with Carbon apps.

but,  please please please … prove me wrong.

Keep on talking and lets see if we zero in on anything.

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> On Jan 27, 2018, at 8:56 AM, jmv <jmvoegeli at bluewin.ch> wrote:
> Hi Doug,
>> Le 27 janv. 2018 à 13:21, Doug Easterbrook <doug at artsman.com> a écrit :
>> are you using Studio 5.2.3 on High Sierra?
> Yes.
> At least I'm not alone in that path. I saw the same symptoms you evoked.
> I do not understand why drag and drop worked a few minutes.
> My 2 cents is on fonts.
> Perhaps one or more fonts are not compatible with omnis 5.2.3 (what with ttf, otf, bitmap, suitcase, postscript type 1, a.s.o.?), but I had no opportunities to scrutinize this issue (as I have more than a thousand fonts installed).
> I keep posted on any result that may arise.
> Thank you for your answer.
> Best regards,
> Jean-Marc
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