O$813 jsComplexGrid Help please

Omnis Newbie omnisnewbie at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 07:42:51 EST 2018

Hi Mayada, thanks for the code snip.  I'm a little confused.

It looks like you have a reference "iviewRef "to the complexgrid but 
in the code you use the reference
and then [gridname] too.  Is that correct or am I missing something?


At 06:56 AM 1/26/2018, you wrote:
>Hi Jay,
>This code works with me..see if it will help you
>iViewRef  > $cinst.$objs.ComplexGrid
>iViewiVarsRef.iPartsList  ..my list ..I use a controller in my code..that's
>why I use references
>Do iViewRef.$objs.[gridName].$clearexceptions()
>For counter from 1 to iViewiVarsRef.iPartsList.$linecount() step 1
>   Do
>End For
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>Subject: O$813 jsComplexGrid Help please
>Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
>I'm having some trouble changing the button text of a button in the row
>section of a ComplexGrid while or directly after the iGridList is being
>The rfForm has been instantiated, and the PagePane the Grid is on is
>displayed and working but when I build the iGridList I want to be able to
>change some button text on each line based on data in the IGridList.
>All of the following codes works after the List/Grid is populated and being
>displayed, but I cannot figure out how to do this beforehand.
>$cinst.$objs.ComplexGrid.$objs.btnTest.[iGridList.$line].$text as 'Omnis'
>;;using a separate button on the same line as button to be changed Calculate
>$cinst.$objs.ComplexGrid.$objs.btnTest.1.$text as 'Omnis'
>;; using a button outside the grid and page pane Calculate
>$cinst.$objs.PagePane.$objs.ComplexGrid.$objs.btnTest.1.$text as 'Omnis'  ;;
>using a button outside the grid and page pane
>Your help would be appreciated.
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