cURL with $runapplescript

Michael Mantkowski michaelj at
Sat Jan 27 05:43:34 EST 2018

Hi Jean-Mark,

In the 4.3 help docs the error parameter is not listed.  "
$runapplescript(cScript,[&cResult]) (MacOSX only) "  But I will try it and
see if it is just not documented.

What I am looking for is the complete conversation details to and from the
email server.  This is what you get when the command completes successfully.
However, when it fails due to incorrect information (Bad email Address,
password, etc.) it retunes nothing in the Result field.  And as you can
imagine this is when I want the information so that we can help the user to
know what needs to be fixed.  If there is no problem then I don't really
care, just want to move on.

When you run the same command in Terminal you can see the conversation
happening in real time.  That is what I want to capture.

I tried experimenting with the cURL -o "File.txt" option to save its output
to a file.  But I can't get that to work either.  

Michael Mantkowski
ClienTrax Software

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Hi Michael,

"$runapplescript(cScript[,&cResult,&cError]) (MacOSX only) compiles and
executes AppleScript cScript. Returns zero for success,or a nonzero error
value. Result of script is returned to cResult. If the script fails, cError
receives error text."

Perhaps calling :: Do $runapplescript(AppleScript,Result,lvTextError)
Returns lvError would be more informative ?

Best regards,


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