Where's the config.json file on the Mac, I searched everywhere

Alex Clay aclay at mac.com
Fri Jan 26 13:22:31 EST 2018

Files in firstruninstall will be copied to the user's Application Support folder on Mac or their Local Appdata on Windows.

On the Mac, go to your library folder:

1. Switch to the Finder
2. Hold down option
3. Select Library from the Go menu

Open Application Support. For a stock Omnis install, open the Omnis Software folder. Note you can customize this in your own install.

Open the folder whose name matches your application bundle name. For /Applications/Omnis Studio 8.1.4 x64.app you're looking for an Omnis Studio 8.1.4 x64 folder. Inside here are the files Omnis uses. config.json is under studio.

If you delete this folder, or open Omnis from another user on your Mac, the contents of firstruninstall will be copied here.


> On Jan 26, 2018, at 12:54, Andrew Stolarz <stolarz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Das,
> Is this the file you are looking for?
> /Applications/Omnis Studio 8.1.1
> x64.app/Contents/MacOS/firstruninstall/studio/config.json
> Andrew
> On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 12:46 PM, Das Goravani <das at goravani.com> wrote:
>> Yes, on the Mac you have “Package Contents” and everything is in there but
>> I can’t find “config.json"
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