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Dear Stene, you wrote:

> On Jan 24, 2018, at 10:31 PM, Sten-Erik Björling <s-e.bjorling at> wrote:
> I do not use schema classes at all to represent tables in a database - I use the approach for dynamically create a unified table class template from the database model at the database itself presented by Dan Ridinger at a Euromnis event a number of years back. This to prevent having potential version conflicts later on. The resulting table class template from this operation is then used to create a row var template that will be copied during the code execution.

Question: The table class you create exists only in memory and is a row of column definitions taken from reading the same from the existing database, am I correct? 

Stene:  Presented these approaches and some others in regard to session pools, SQL workers and push approaches using object centric approaches at the German conference 2017.

Question:  Can you please write the main reasons why you urge for 1. Session Pools  2. SQL workers.   In my understanding SQL workers are only necessary if you have long running SQL operations and session pools are only necessary if you want to use more than one session at a time, am I correct?

Thank you for your time,

Das Goravani

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