RTFM and This Board Rocks

Das Goravani das at Goravani.com
Wed Jan 24 23:05:22 EST 2018

This list (board) has been so helpful to me as I start my journey with Omnis and SQL.  Your kindness really shows.  I thank the answer givers a lot. 

Today Alex told me to read the Postgres Manual and I’ve been at it for quite some hours, and man, am I learning a LOT.  Many of the questions I had but haven’t posted have been answered already. 

They got the best introduction- it cruises through a lot of material quickly without being heavy, just introducing you to topics. Very good. 

Then it gets heavy, OMGoodLord it gets heavy. Phew. But anyways, skip what you cannot possibly grock, leave it for another day. 

I am blown away by all that SQL can do. It IS a language, not just a G.O.D., (giver of data).  I thought it was just a god.  No, it’s a language too, at least in terms of giving data.  Man it can do a lot of thinking for you, work, arranging of data.  I can see that many things previously done tediously in Omnis can be done by the SQL server for you if you only ask nicely. 

Anyways, I really appreciate how nicely I’ve been treated by this board.  I will emerge in a few days way more learned, when I finish this manual and start to re read it lol. 

I really thank you answer givers. 



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