An app needs a "Setup the Database" routine correct ?

Das Goravani das at
Wed Jan 24 15:29:43 EST 2018

When you have say a vertical app moreso than a single enterprise using an app you constantly maintain as more of an IT person, you need a routine in the Vertical which is the “Setup the Database” routine, and would make server tables from schema’s say, make the indexes, create sequencing tables, would basically prepare the database for use.  This routine would be first in the “utilities” section of the app. 

Does this sound correct?  A setup the database routine that’s all worked out so you don’t have to do anything manually to setup the database?

Just wanted to check before I write one.  

And I need a heads up on maybe they’re called “joins”… that which makes it possible to easily pull in associated parent or child records (I don’t know which way it goes).   I’ve heard it hinted that this is possible so that it’s less work and quicker.  I don’t know what words to look up.

I heard the word “nextval()” from Bastiaan so today I’m studying “create sequence” and “nextval” for that functionality. 

I just need to hear the words so I can look it up.  Of course more than the words is good too. :) Pointers, help, welcome.  

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