Studio 8.1.3 is so very slick, so is Postgres, A RAMBLE

Das Goravani das at
Wed Jan 24 14:56:11 EST 2018

As I get into these things, Omnis 8.1.3 and PostgreSQL, I am amazed that one is free, Postgres, because it’s totally Pro Big Business Serious. It’s amazing that they have a Free Mac Server you can use local and develop with, and their documentation is on the web and rich and complete. 

And I’m blown away by Omnis, which I used for a long time though I checked out before Omnis Studio v 5, so it’s been awhile, but Studio 8.1.3 is totally amazing me…

Some hi-lights are the help it gives on mouseover it tells you about each object mentioned in your code, tells you more than just the value say, tells you syntax sometimes etc, then the coding assistant, pop up help with all the functions and methods you can type for an object you’ve mentioned in your code… 

I personally am glad for the Themes part they now have as I prefer the one they call Black, which is having the whole interface reversed, inverted color wise, to where white is dark grey and black is white, ie the text is white so it’s like a dark grey chalk board in the IDE and windows created with the wizard, similar to the interface adobe uses in it’s products, started back with “NeXT” computing’s interface. 

The way the coding interface works contains many little cool nuances like how it hi-lights all lines involved in blocks when you mouseover or click on one of them, this helps cut through the fog of code.  It is fast.  Their re write of the core shows.  

The example apps do give good basic code to work with and learn from.  

I’ve been reading the documentation and it’s quite good, can’t complain at all.  

I’m just kind of thrilled at the killer combo of free but powerful Postgres and not free but luxury powerful attractive, addicting,  slick quick awesome OMNIS STUDIO

The combo is just a thrill.  I looked up and read all about Postgres’s history and make up, quite a story and ongoing project.  I read up on SQLite too, and that too is very impressive of a product, only, they say there is no real multi user capability in it, which ditches it as a backend for me. I can see how it’s way, which is unique, it’s contained in the DAM… that’s why it has no server and can be deployed anywhere easily with no setup using standard text files… that’s why it’s the most widely deployed, it’s on everybody’s phones in various apps. 

I think it’s safe to say that both of these free SQL products are kept alive by the contributions of consortium’s of large companies who use the product as both have full time teams who work on them keeping them powerful and alive through the OS changes and demand for features.  Both come off as if they are paid items in terms of delivery, but both are permissively free.  

With Omnis’s interface objects, one can create a beautiful rich powerful interface without any code to make those objects. I’m so grateful for that.  I would hate to be as if in C, defining things that in Omnis we draw, not define. The coding language is awesome, comes in two flavors called Notation and Dying (or DML).  I think there’s one guy at Omnis who’s job it is is to shoot down DML commands and make them Obsolete, for the list so grows, but not with Studio 8.1, rather I think they got that out in earlier versions.  Still, one is on the watch to use notation as much as possible plus ultimately it makes more sense, tells you more, about what you’re operating upon, but it’s very hierarchical nature. 

With the company obviously focused on serious big business and web and mobile compatibility we truly all benefit even if we’re something smaller because what we need eventually will be there, and this path for them ensures the health of the company.  

The JS remote forms in Studio 8.1.3 really do let you design for say 3 screen sizes, using ONE form.  I’ll tell you what it looks like:  There are visible breakpoint lines for the different screen sizes, say “monitor for web”, next one down is iPads and tablets, and then there’s phone.  You put a bunch of objects on there, place them in the monitor size a certain way, and when you click down to the next size down, you can rearrange those objects, resize them, whatever, to get it right on that one, it’s as if you blew away your larger one, you made it all smaller, but wait, when you click back on the larger size, they all pop back to where you left them on that one, same with the smallest, the phone… put em all where you want them… the form has stored three versions of placement and sizing of the same objects… it’s really quite amazing and a thrill, it’s very live and doesn’t feel cheesy at all, feels dead serious.  

Well this has just been the need to talk (I don’t have but one real life friend, a housemate, I see nobody else, drag).  So I will occasionally talk at this list like it’s a buddy.  I feel if I stay On Topic, it’s not that bad of a thing. 

Sorry I couldn’t say more about Omnis, I typed this without looking anything up, just from memory and experience which has only been a couple weeks. 

Kindest regards, 

Das Goravani

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