Getting back on the horse! Old Omnis Guy wanting to get back into it.

Arnie pcconsulting at
Tue Jan 23 15:57:44 EST 2018

Hopefully this is okay to post to the list.

I am looking to get back into Omnis Development.  I have extensive
experience in past versions on Omnis, including everything from Quartz
(window 3.1) Omnis 3, Omnis 5, Omnis 7, Omnis Studio.

I have been out of doing development for years, but still doing some SQL
and database related stuff, so my skills aren't completely out of date.
Anyhow, I would like to get back into development and I am at home with
Omnis Studio.

I am (out of date, admittedly) familiar with dot notation and some more
advanced Omnis features.  I feel like I could be productive doing new work,
either advanced or run of the mill stuff.

I do need to put the bread on the table however, so I am willing for work
for a fairly low starting wage, with the expectation that we would
transition to higher rate after I get going.

Please email me at pcconsulting at  or call me at 541 403 2696

Thanks for your consideration,

Arnold Skeels

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