O$ problem with Select distinct on command

Ste MATZ - Jeremy REBOURS jer at matz.fr
Tue Jan 23 10:34:02 EST 2018

    I'm on studio 8.1 under windows 10. I try to use the select distinct
    on command to retrieve the first record distinct with three columns.
    I use PostgreSQL 10.
    Here is my code
    Begin statement
             Sta: {Select distinct on ("FamRem")
    "FamRem","CodeMarque","Code" from "BIBLIOTHEQUE"}
             Sta: {Where "CodeMarque" like @[VARIABLES.CODE2]}
             Sta: {order by "FamRem"}
             End statement
    But the result is only the two first columns.
    Any idea?

    *Jérémy REBOURS *

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