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Mon Jan 22 21:50:19 EST 2018

Hey Das,

Updating the table structure in the database is one of Omnis'
weakpoints. There is no "reorganise datafile" equivalent in Postgres.
There are a few helper functions that do some basic things but the
assumption is that the database is created and maintained outside of
Omnis with Omnis just being a client.
I've long had on my list, if I ever have seas of time, to create
something for the community to fill in this gap.

The table classes save you loads of work once the database and tables
are there, they save you work in retrieving data, inserting date,
updating data, that sort of stuff. You can then subclass table classes
to add your own enhancements piggy backing on what Omnis has created.

Omnis indeed does not show the build in methods as something you can
override like it does with the methods in the Dams but the documentation
lists all the functions available.



On 23/1/18 9:24 am, Das Goravani wrote:
> Dear Bastiaan,
>> On Jan 22, 2018, at 1:45 PM, Bastiaan Olij <bastiaan at> wrote:
>> Hey Das,
>> The table classes are just construct that make a lot of common tasks
>> around tables easier. You can avoid using them by writing queries
>> yourself but I would ask "you re-invent the wheel"? I really recommend
>> you give them a chance, they really make your life easier.
> Where do I see the Methods a table class has in it?
> How do I know what a table class can do that is special to Tables ?
> I looked in the methods for one and nothing was there. 
> I DO NOT want to re invent the wheel… we use Omnis to SHORTEN development
> I want to KNOW what is in Table Classes that I can call
> Like I struggled with SQL direct commands to add a column to a server table, and to add an index
> Could a table class have done these things for me somehow ? 
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