why $update() isn't working for me ?

Heir Das Goravani PhDx108 das at goravani.com
Mon Jan 22 17:39:19 EST 2018

Why am I getting a FALSE on this simple command

Do iSqlRow.$update(iOldRow) Returns lReturnFlag

And what does it do to iOldRow, why is that put in there like that? 

I think, am I wrong, that iSqlRow is the row that contains the updated data, and is being written back to the server via  $update()    I dont see why there needs to be anything in the parenthasis  ???

I understand using iOldRow as a place to hold the data the way it was before data entry, but use of that is risky, but I get you can put back the data the way it was really easily by copying old row to sql row and redraw

is there a command that needs to be issued before an $update() command in particular, I have first in my save method, nothing before it, the data is changed and ready to be saved, I selected into iSqlrow, should work, but it doesn’t

I hope my posting of multiple questions doesn’t tick anyone off, sorry if so, I’m sincerely working away here and run into many things at this early stage, and some of you are SO helpful, thank you

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