Does $insert() etc not work in Postgres? It's WORKING now.

IT it at
Mon Jan 22 13:20:24 EST 2018

Hi Das

SELECT … FOR UPDATE locks records in transaction mode, otherwise only selects the record
So you need to do something like this:

Do $cinst.$sessionobject.$transactionmode.$assign(kSessionTranManual)
Do $cinst.$sessionobject.$begin() Returns #F
select … for update
enter data
if flag true
 update ...
 Do $cinst.$sessionobject.$commit
 Do $cinst.$sessionobject.$transactionmode.$assign(kSessionTranAutomatic)
 Do $cinst.$sessionobject.$rollback
 Do $cinst.$sessionobject.$transactionmode.$assign(kSessionTranAutomatic)
end if

> El 22/1/2018, a las 4:30, Das Goravani <das at> escribió:
> I would like to read the use of that command, $definefromSQLclass… if you can post it for me, just one line of code, i need to see what precedes it, how it’s used, syntax, example basically.  Similarly for the one called $prepareforupdate  as i assume that locks records since it issues a SELECT .. FOR UPDATE command which I was told locks records

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