O$813 JsTreeList issues, Help please

Omnis Newbie omnisnewbie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 08:41:34 EST 2018

Hi Omnis people,

I am using a jsTreeList on a remote form and it does not seem to be 
working right and could use a little help.

I have built the TreeList with a few parents and many children and 
the displays correctly (with one exception)
I can click the check boxes on and off with no problems.
I can open and close the parents (with one exception)

The problems are these.

1.  The user can change the names of the nodes and I don't want them 
to be able to do so.
	I have tried to disable the tree but that disables most  other 
actions as well.
	So how do I keep the user from being able to change the node name?

2.  When I turn $showicons on I get random arrows on many of the 
child nodes that look like the same icon as the white parent drop/undrop icons.
	I keep checking the data list but it looks correct.

3.  When I open the form on my cell phone I can not get the parent 
nodes to open and close.  When I try the check box turns on and off instead.
	I have tried to move the treelist over so it is not so close to the 
edge but that didn't work.
	Is there any way to change the spacing between the node icon and the checkbox?

I have not tried the dynamic tree list yet because the manual says 
that it is for single select trees only which I do not want.

any information would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you, Jay

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