Omnis 8.1.3 64bit with Frontbasedam

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Thu Jan 18 08:17:01 EST 2018

Hi all,

I am working on a Mac with Omnis 8.1.3 and connection to a Fronabase database using the frontbasedam. I use version 2.12 of the fronbasedam with a Frontbase 5.2.14.
That all works fine.
Now I have a collegea that works on Windows 10 64bit . He also has installed Omnis 8.1.3 with the same frontbase version and use the frontbasedam 64bit for windows also version 2.12 ( the latest of the frontbase website).

Now he try's to make a new session in the SQL Browser but every time he opens the session omnis crashes.
He has used the same parameters as I do on Mac and there it works fine.

Anybody any experience with this or some ideas?

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