run a DOS command without the cmd window opening

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SilentCMD.exe a free software you can find on internet

It works!



Il 17 gen 2018 8:44 PM, "rab tab" <rabtab70 at> ha scritto:

> Hi,
> In the application I’m working on we occasionally interact with postgres
> via the command line (pg_dumpall, psql…) on both PCs and Macs, so either
> the BASH shell or DOS cmd.
> No issue on Unix, but in Windows the blank black cmd window opens up and
> sits there until the operation is finished. Sometimes, a confused user will
> close it, and it messes things up.
> I want to be able to run the DOS command ‘headless,’ ie, without the cmd
> window opening.
> I’ve tried using ‘start’ to minimize the window...
> > start /MIN ‘’ … [the rest of my command, which sends stderr output to a
> file]
> which works quite nicely except that then the command does not write
> output to stderr, which I need.
> Played with the /B option as well, but no joy.
> Does anyone have a way to accomplish when I need?
> Thanks a lot. :-)
> Rob Alexander
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