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It is a useful tool. But I just noticed that the modified date was changed
on all the classes in the lib that I'm checking. Something to be aware of
before running the check if the modified date is important to you.

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A really helpful thing it finds is missing EndIf, EndFor, etc.

Those can cause unexpected errors when running.

> On Jan 17, 2018, at 10:54 AM, Michael Mantkowski <michaelj at>
> After all this time I just discovered this (or more like just paid
attention) ...
> If you right-click on a library in the Studio Browser there is an option
called "Check..."
> If you click it, it tells you that it is checking the library and when
done it displays a message that the library was checked successfully which
of course I am happy about.
> However, I have no idea what it was checking.
> Anyone?
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