Field Reference parameter

IT it at
Wed Jan 17 10:53:09 EST 2018

Hi All,

I have a table with a method to test for a unique index value running SQL not DML.
The method $TestForAUniqueIndexValue has a Field parameter.
If i pass a variable, the method works ok. Any try to use some kind of dynamic parameter fails.Things like a calculation results in an error: "Attempt to assign a calculation to a field reference parameter”. Using the nam() function or enclosing the variable name in quotes or square bracket fail.

This works
Do ivMaestro.$TestForAUniqueIndexValue(ivMaestro.USR_CODIGO) Returns #F 

This doesn’t work
Do ivMaestro.$TestForAUniqueIndexValue(#EN) Returns #F     ;; 

Any one know if there is a way to send the name of the field as a parameter in a dynamically way?



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