Sharing Omnis libraries on GitHub - older versions of Omnis

Lars Schärer los at
Mon Jan 15 02:46:00 EST 2018

Hi Paul,

your code might be useful in Studio 8, too.
oJSON is limited
(See description in whatsnew)
- handles JSON up to a certain complexity
- has some conventions that might not fit for your project

so i had to write some addtional routines for my specific challanges.

So if you put it up to github, i might want to add to it - and maybe others, too.

Github is ok for libs, too.
its not mandatory to convert them to json.



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Subject: Sharing Omnis libraries on GitHub - older versions of Omnis (15-Jan-2018 4:28)
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> Hi $All,

At the EurOmnis conference, Alex Clay offered to write a how-to 
> on sharing Omnis libraries on GitHub.  He has done so in an excellent 
> article here: 
> <>

> written some code that mirrors the oJSON object in Studio 8, for use in our 
> Studio 5 systems.  We believe that this is something that other developers 
> who aren't using the latest and greatest may find useful.

It seems that 
> the logical place to put this code is on GitHub, but the first pre-
> requisite is that you must be using Studio 8.1.  It's kind of a catch-22: 
> if you have Studio 8.1, you don't need routines to handle JSON, they're 
> built into Studio 8.

What's the best way to share this code with the 
> community?


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