Sharing Omnis libraries on GitHub - older versions of Omnis

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at
Sun Jan 14 22:28:55 EST 2018

Hi $All,

At the EurOmnis conference, Alex Clay offered to write a how-to on sharing Omnis libraries on GitHub.  He has done so in an excellent article here: <>

We've written some code that mirrors the oJSON object in Studio 8, for use in our Studio 5 systems.  We believe that this is something that other developers who aren't using the latest and greatest may find useful.

It seems that the logical place to put this code is on GitHub, but the first pre-requisite is that you must be using Studio 8.1.  It's kind of a catch-22: if you have Studio 8.1, you don't need routines to handle JSON, they're built into Studio 8.

What's the best way to share this code with the community?


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