O$ v8.1.2 ::: HTTPage : Host is down, things become weirder

jmv jmvoegeli at bluewin.ch
Wed Jan 10 08:24:06 EST 2018


HTTPPage ("http://six-swiss-exchange.com/downloads/indexdata/hsmi.csv <http://six-swiss-exchange.com/downloads/indexdata/hsmi.csv>") Returns #S1

doesn't work with error Nr -10064, but in safari it charges the page and

curl http://six-swiss-exchange.com/downloads/indexdata/hsmi.csv <http://six-swiss-exchange.com/downloads/indexdata/hsmi.csv> -o /Users/jmv/Desktop/Essai.txt

charge the page OK in the Terminal.

More …

the applescript :

set cmd to "curl http://six-swiss-exchange.com/downloads/indexdata/hsmi.csv -o /Volumes/Vessy/jmv/Nostris/Eridef/Indices/Importations/SMI+SMIC.txt"
do shell script cmd

works very well in the applescript editor

BUT does not work in omnis !!!

It return error Nr 7  (as what that may be ?)

Here the code :

pLocalDir,pFile : parameter strings
vPath, vScript, vResult : local strings
vError : local integer 32 bit

Calculate vPath as con(pLocalDir,pFile)
Calculate vScript as ""
Calculate vScript as con("set cmd to ",kDq,"curl ",pURL," -o ",vPath,kDq,kCr)
Calculate vScript as con(vScript,"do shell script cmd",kCr)
Do $runapplescript(vScript,vResult) Returns vError
Quit method vError ---> returns 7

(The applescript text above was copied from the variable vScript in omnis)

I must say I'm lost here !

Thank you to help me.


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