Running Windows Omnis on Mac?

Alex Clay aclay at
Tue Jan 9 20:30:38 EST 2018

I'll give a second vote for pre-built images with Packer. We use pre-built images with Vagrant for disposable testing environment and testing automation with SaltStack. Because of Omnis, we use proprietary OSes like macOS and Windows quite heavily. I recommend the boxcutter ( <>) templates for Packer.

On the Windows side, boxcutter has templates for using the evaluation ISOs. These are great because they run more or less fully licensed for 90 days. Windows 10 doesn't care much if you let the license expire. If you re-build the packer images, you get another 90 days.

Even without packer those templates have handy links and checksums to the evaluation ISOs you could use with Parallels, VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.

WIndows 10 64-bit:
Windows 10 32-bit:

See their github page for other OSes.


> On Jan 9, 2018, at 19:59, Clifford Ilkay <cilkay at> wrote:
> Now I understand. I use Packer <> to create machine
> images so I'm never doing manual installs anyway. Between VMware (Fusion
> and ESXi 5, 5.5, and 6), Hyper-V, and VirtualBox, Hyper-V is the easiest
> but it's only so because I generate the Hyper-V images from VirtualBox
> images. VirtualBox is easy to automate with something like Packer or even a
> shell script. Until I was faced with the requirement to generate VM images
> for ESXi, I was using a BASH script to take a Debian netinstall ISO image
> and making my customizations to it to generate my custom base image. That
> base image has to be customized by users using a simple web application
> where they enter in things like database connection credentials, networking
> info, and specify whether they want to use the self-signed SSL certificates
> that are generated within the VM or install their own certs. I give them
> the option of installing the root CA certificate into their trust store so
> that the self-signed certs can be treated like any other. That is perfectly
> fine for a LAN.
> For Windows installs, I use Chocolatey, a package manager that makes
> Windows bearable. My goal is to always have the virtual machine images
> generated using Packer and the ongoing configuration management being
> handled by SaltStack. If I am doing ad hoc configurations or installations,
> it means that I haven't captured that in code. That means what I just did
> isn't easily repeatable. All the Packer and SaltStack stuff is kept under
> revision control in Git.
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