Running Windows Omnis on Mac?

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Tue Jan 9 17:36:42 EST 2018

hi David.

Also using Parallels (paid, effectively $39 a year) and Virtualbox (free)

I was pissed at Parallels for the $39 a year update (since its a new version each time), but I manage to stretch it over 2 versions and am really only about $20 a year).

Virtualbox ..  its good, but:
not as smooth at parallels.
not as fast as parallels.
not as easy to set up a VM as parallels  (parallels, you just say what you want,   in virtual box you have to go find the .iso file)

Both have drag/drop integration.  Both work.

and now after trying to do my best to NOT use Parallels for two years and convert to virtual box ….   I find my self back using parallels in OSX 10.13.2…   because its easier and at $20 per year …. I’m still running my win 2000, win xp, vista, win 8, win 10, server 2016,   osx 10.6.8 and osx 10.12.x   VM's.   and they all still work.

so,  personally out of the two — I’d say parallels is far better, even though I don’t want to say that.    but it really is.

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> What are people doing these days for running the Windows version of Studio on a Mac?
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