$813 serverless database connectivity Help

Omnis Newbie omnisnewbie at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 02:58:25 EST 2018

Hi Omnis People,

I'm really taxing my brain on this but so much doesn't seem to make 
sense to me.
The biggest problem I seem to be having is that none of the java 
script examples
In the hub actually work in serverless mode because most of the methods in them
are not set to Execute on Client so how could they?

I also notice that none of the examples have access to an embedded 
sqllight database.

I am reading the "Creating Web & Mobil apps" documentation and it's 
not helping me get connected to the database.

In the "The JavaScript Serverless Client" it says

The SQL Object
A Serverless Client application gains access to the embedded database 
using a SQL Object, which in this case is a property of the current 
remote form called $sqlobject:
For example:
Calculate oVar as $cinst.$sqlobject

But where or how does $sqlobject get set?  It won't let me set it in 
properties and it's a little hard to figure it out because you can't 
step through the code to see if setting it with notation would work somehow.

I'm trying to take this one step at a time but until I can connect to 
the database I can't go much further.
I am having no trouble connecting to databases in windows and forms 
on the desktop using dams and objects but moving to serverless seems 
to be troublesome.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Thank you

Jay the newbie

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