About the Javascript Client and SQL Databases

Das Goravani das at goravani.com
Thu Jan 4 15:56:13 EST 2018

Hello All

1. Can the Javascript Client use externals? I have 2 unicode externals that are essential to my app. 

2. Can the JC use Code Classes.  I have much code in them. 

3. So there is no copy/paste of interface items from Omnis Windows on the remote form?  You have to remake your interface using the objects made for the form specifically?  I have  complex sets of fields and other interface structures already made and running... I would have to remake them using the objects created for the remote form and JC structure?  Pasting or no pasting is the question. 

4. I am about to play with the form and objects and may learn the answer to this one but is there a basic background object "line" as there is in regular Omnis?  

5. Can you ship externals and text files used by the externals with your deployed JC app ?   I don’t yet get the structure of what a JC deployed app looks like, whether it’s a single icon, two icons, a folder, etc

6. I noticed Omnis can "Create" Oracle databases. Are these fully functional? Can they grow to be the deployed database?  When do you pay Oracle and what do you get.  Oracle is just an example, there are others. 

7. I thought SQL databases needed a "head" of software, a layer on them, that listens to and interprets the SQL queries sent to it, acts upon the database, and returns the asked for data, but from what I’m seeing on videos there is no such head on the databases, so who is doing the interpreting of the SQL and acting on the database…where does that live? d

Thank you, 

Das Goravani
das at Goravani.com

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