$813 serverless mode not working Help pleaseT

Omnis Newbie omnisnewbie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 08:07:49 EST 2018

Thanks to all those that have tried to help,  I think I have it fixed 
now but not completely sure how.

Yes Andreas I am using Wrapper 2.0 (and his brother Snoop Dogg)

I believe the fix was in the system variables. path, but after adding 
the jdk/jre path and rebooting it still did not work.
I can see 3 paths to the JDK bin folder so I played around with them 
and it still didn't work.
Then I opened up the jsMap example because noticed the Help button 
was at least working to open up a web page.
I then copied that button to my form and it worked on my desk top 
right away, and then it worked on the phone too.

almost like it shook something loose no everything else seems to be 
working without any changes.

Thanks again for the help.


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