Approaching Omnis again scares me, too much to learn?

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Hello all,

DML to SQL. I have been through that process on our 35Mb ERP system (58 clients around the world - 3 to 45 users) and it has been a long and painful process. Some key points from our experience:

  *   Do the research first. I took over a year off to do that alone, but it did pay off!
  *   The actual conversion took over 2 years.
  *   It's not just DML replacement, more tricky is removing the CRB (current record buffer, e.g Load from list, etc. and reports.)
  *   Make sure you re-write for Transactions (begin - commit - rollback) from the start as they are hard to re-structure for later.
  *   Be prepared for client resistance to upgrade. DML is much simpler. Large sites gain more than small ones from SQL. We took the approach of no program functional changes (so testing was easy) but to clients "if there is nothing new, why the hassel?" Don't expect to make money from upgrading clients.
  *   You and your staff need to be willing and capable of supporting a more complex internal beast. We missed that as a risk factor leading to at least one nervous breakdown (I joke not!)
  *   Having gone through the pain, the results are worth it. Much more reliable, super-fast, coherent code, expandable and scale-able.

Best regards, Chris


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On 03/01/2018 15:15, Plum Hollow Software wrote:

Hi Wendy,

I’m in the same position as you, I have a lot of small clients anywhere from 1 to 15 users per client.  The DML is a perfect solution for these clients however Omnis Software told me to move to SQL because DML support and enhancements are not there focus.  So I have to decide whether or not to continue paying for my developer program.


On Jan 3, 2018, at 5:19 AM, Wendy <wizardcompserv at><mailto:wizardcompserv at> wrote:

Hi There

Happy New Year!!

Most developers will call me a dinosaur!!  But my business has always concentrated on the 'small' users - they do not have an IT department - they do not want or need SQL or Web based products.

You will not earn a fortune this way but there are a lot of small business out there that need this kind of support and consultancy and they have kept me going for the last 18 years and I am still getting enquiries from new customers.

Just my 2p's worth for 2018

Kind regards
Wendy Osbaldestin
Wizard Computer Services
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Hello All,

I am RE approaching Omnis with a view to becoming a developer/consultant to businesses.

I am completely expert with Omnis and the native database it provides, but don’t know SQL or anything else, I only know Omnis. I don’t know any other language at all.  I go back to 86 but haven’t done anything for ten years.

It’s scary enough to have to learn SQL and how to connect to databases.  But all the stuff you guys and gals discuss here and on the other forum scares me.  How did you all learn all about Java and Jason and Restful etc etc.  How do you keep it straight in your heads?

My real question is this:  If I could learn SQL and how to setup and maintain backends and the connectivity, is that enough to be a consultant today?  I imagine right away the next point is that businesses will want phone access apps, tablet apps, to access their databases and then I’d be looking at Javascript which I don’t know.

At age 57 and reapproaching, I wonder how much time it takes to learn these things and begin consulting.

Are all these fancy other things smaller than Omnis learning itself?  I sure hope so.  It took a good while to learn Omnis.  I’m very good at Omnis but only Omnis Native.  Don’t yet know what a Schema is, but I can do notation to control anything, I can do complex interfaces and handle complex data.  Just dont know anything else.  Do any businesses still go for using the Native Datafile?  With that I’m ready already.

One reason I want to learn SQL is to earn more.  The businesses for which the Native datafile is appropriate are smaller and poorer.  I believe you can charge more to the SQL requiring businesses.  Comments?

Is the "Lone Developer" still possible?   You all seem to be in teams.

Just scared badly.   Any help appreciated.
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