SMTP Error -1034

Andrew McVeigh omnis at
Wed Jan 3 19:49:08 EST 2018

Somebody once did this and I have it as a Code object in OS4 but can be easily created from the below otherwise can upload that Code object to a site if anyone can suggest the best one

Do TCPErrorList.$define(error,description)
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-501,'Incorrect argument type')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-502,'Error getting information about an argument')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-503,'Incorrect number of parameters')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-506,'Unrecognised command')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-507,'Error locking handle')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-508,'Bad list generated by command')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-509,'Bad socket passed to command')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-510,'Type of socket passed to command is invalid (e.g. FTP socket passed to HTTP command)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-511,'No address specified')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-512,'Could not open ICMP handle')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-513,'Could not start timer')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-514,'Service lookup failed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-515,'Internet services provider not open')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-516,'The end-user cancelled the request')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-517,'Bad option passed to TCPClose')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-518,'No port bound to socket')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-519,'Socket is not listening - cannot accept')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-521,'Socket is not connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-522,'Timeout while waiting for response or request')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-523,'Badly formatted response from server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-524,'Response from server is too short')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-525,'Response from server has incorrect syntax')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1010,'Out of memory')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1012,'Unix TCPPing requires a raw socket: only processes with an effective user id of zero or the CAP_NET_RAW capability are allowed to open raw sockets')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1013,'Cannot do TCPPing on Win32 without icmp.dll')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1014,'Attempt to perform secure operation on non-secure connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1015,'Attempt to make an already secure connection secure')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1016,'Cannot load Perhaps OpenSSL is not installed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1017,'A required function is missing from')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1018,'Cannot request a partial closure of a secure connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1019,'Error setting up secure library threading')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1020,'Error seeding Pseudo Random Number Generator')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1021,'The OpenSSL library returned an error; call WebDevGetSecureError for more information')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1022,'Invalid secure object passed to wesecure')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1023,'Unknown error returned by OpenSSL library')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1024,'Unable to get a suitable Omnis folder for CA certificates')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1025,'Cannot open cacerts.pem')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1026,'Cannot get find handle to list CA certificates')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1027,'cacerts folder does not contain any CA certificates')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1028,'Error getting next certificate file')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1029,'Unable to open CA certificate')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1030,'Wesecure initialization failed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1031,'Error establishing secure connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1032,'Buffer overflow would occur because a field is too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1034,'Connection time out')

;  SMTP Errors:
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1205,'SMTP: 435 Unable to authenticate at present')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1206,'The SMTP server does not support authentication')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1207,'SMTP: 535 Incorrect authentication data')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1208,'SMTP: 432 A password transition is needed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1209,'SMTP: 534 The authentication mechanism is too weak')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1210,'SMTP: 538 Encryption is required for requested authentication mechanism')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1211,'SMTP: 454 Temporary authentication failure')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1212,'SMTP: 530 Authentication is required')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1213,'Unexpected response from server during authentication')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1214,'SMTP: OK Authenticated')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1215,'SMTP: continue command')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1216,'Required type of authentication (PLAIN or LOGIN) not supported by SMTP server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1217,'The response to the EHLO command could not be parsed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1218,'Parameter passed to mail command is too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1219,'Unrecognised response from SMTP server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1220,'SMTP: 211 System status, or system help reply')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1221,'SMTP: 214 Help message')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1222,'SMTP: 220 <domain> Service ready')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1223,'SMTP: 221 <domain> Service closing transmission channel')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1225,'SMTP: 251 User not local; will forward to <forward-path>')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1227,'SMTP: 421 <domain> Service not available, closing transmission channel')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1228,'SMTP: 450 Requested mail action not taken: mailbox unavailable/busy')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1229,'SMTP: 451 Requested action aborted: local error in processing')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1230,'SMTP: 452 Requested action not taken: insufficient system storage')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1231,'SMTP: 500 Syntax error, command unrecognized')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1232,'SMTP: 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1233,'SMTP: 502 Command not implemented')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1234,'SMTP: 503 Bad sequence of commands')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1235,'SMTP: 504 Command parameter not implemented')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1236,'SMTP: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1237,'SMTP: 551 User not local; please try <forward-path>')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1238,'SMTP: 552 Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1239,'SMTP: 553 Requested action not taken: mailbox name not allowed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1240,'SMTP: 554 Transaction failed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1241,'Error decoding quoted printable or base 64 encoded MIME data')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1242,'Body part list is inconsistent - cannot build MIME content')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1244,'POP3: error received from server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1245,'POP3: could not extract message size from response to LIST command')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1246,'POP3: message received from server is too large (does not match size in LIST command response)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1260,'IMAP: invalid response received from server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1261,'IMAP: invalid tag received from server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1262,'IMAP: invalid greeting message received from server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1263,'IMAP: connection rejected by server (BYE received in greeting message)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1264,'IMAP: the server does not support plain or CRAM-MD5 authentication')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1265,'IMAP: the server does not support the STARTTLS command, so a secure connection cannot be established')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1266,'IMAP: the server response to the CAPABILITY command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1267,'IMAP: the server must support IMAP4rev1, but it does not indicate that in its CAPABILITY response')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1268,'IMAP: the server response to the STARTTLS command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1269,'IMAP: parameter passed to command is too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1270,'IMAP: login was rejected because the user name or password was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1271,'IMAP: the server response to the LOGIN command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1272,'IMAP: the server response to the LOGOUT command was incorrect (network connection has been closed)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1273,'IMAP: the secure parameter to IMAPConnect is invalid')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1274,'IMAP: the server response to the AUTHENTICATE CRAM-MD5 command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1275,'IMAP: error decoding base64 response to AUTHENTICATE CRAM-MD5 command')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1276,'IMAP: the server response to the LIST or LSUB command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1277,'IMAP: the server response to the SELECT command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1278,'IMAP: missing output list parameter')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1279,'IMAP: the server response to the SUBSCRIBE command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1280,'IMAP: the server response to the UNSUBSCRIBE command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1281,'IMAP: the server response to the STORE command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1282,'IMAP: the server response to the RENAME command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1283,'IMAP: the server response to the EXPUNGE command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1284,'IMAP: the server response to the DELETE command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1285,'IMAP: the server response to the CREATE command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1286,'IMAP: the server response to the COPY command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1287,'IMAP: Incorrect FETCH response message sequence number when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1288,'IMAP: the server response to the FETCH command was incorrect when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1289,'IMAP: No flags returned in FETCH response when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1290,'IMAP: No size returned in FETCH response when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1291,'IMAP: No UID returned in FETCH response when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1292,'IMAP: Flags in response are not terminated by close parenthesis')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1293,'IMAP: Invalid integer value in FETCH response when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1294,'IMAP: FETCH response not terminated with close parenthesis when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1295,'IMAP: No INTERNALDATE returned in FETCH response when listing messages')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1296,'IMAP: INTERNALDATE returned in FETCH response when listing messages is not correctly enclosed in double quotes')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1297,'IMAP: FETCH response incomplete')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1298,'IMAP: the server response to the FETCH command was incorrect when receiving a message or headers')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1299,'IMAP: bad message length in FETCH response')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1300,'IMAP: unrecognized data item in response when FETCHing message or headers')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1301,'IMAP: the server response to the NOOP command was incorrect')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1302,'IMAP: the server response to the CHECK command was incorrect')

;  FTP Errors:
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1105,'Need FTP account for storing files')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1106,'Requested FTP action aborted: page type unknown')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1107,'Requested FTP file action aborted. Exceeded storage allocation (for current directory or dataset)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1108,'Requested FTP action not taken. File name not allowed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1109,'Requested FTP action aborted: local error in processing')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1110,'FTP file not found, or no access to file')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1116,'Parameter passed to FTP command is too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1117,'Parameter passed to FTP command contains invalid characters')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1119,'FTP Restart marker reply')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1120,'FTP service ready in nnn minutes')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1121,'FTP data connection already open; transfer starting')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1122,'FTP file status okay; about to open data connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1123,'FTP user name okay, need password')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1124,'Unrecognised FTP positive preliminary reply')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1125,'Unrecognised FTP positive intermediate reply')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1126,'Unrecognised FTP transient negative completion reply')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1127,'Unrecognised FTP permanent negative completion reply')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1129,'Could not extract server IP address and port from response to FTP command PASV')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1130,'FTP transfer type must be zero (for ASCII) or one (for binary)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1131,'FTP could not open local file')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1132,'Error while FTP was reading or writing the local file')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1134,'Need account for FTP login')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1135,'Requested FTP file action pending further information')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1136,'FTP service not available, closing control connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1137,'Cannot open FTP data connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1138,'FTP connection closed; transfer aborted')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1139,'Requested FTP file action not taken. File unavailable (e.g., file busy)')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1142,'Requested FTP action not taken. Insufficient storage space in system')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1143,'Syntax error: FTP command unrecognized or too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1144,'Syntax error in FTP parameters or arguments')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1145,'FTP command not implemented')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1146,'Bad sequence of FTP commands')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1147,'FTP command not implemented for that parameter')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1148,'Not logged in to FTP server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1149,'Unrecognised response from FTP server')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1150,'Must use passive FTP when the connection is secure')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1151,'FTP server response to AUTH TLS command does not allow a secure connection to be established')

;  HTTP Errors:
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1154,'Unable to determine end of HTTP header')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1161,'Incomplete HTML tag')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1180,'Parameter passed to HTTP command is too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1181,'Post with CGI parameters sends CGI parameters as content: cannot supply content-type/length header in header list')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1182,'Received HTTP request is badly formatted')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1183,'Received HTTP request does not contain the HTTP version')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1184,'Received HTTP request contains badly formatted CGI parameters')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1185,'Invalid HTTP status code - must be 1-999')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1186,'The client HTTP application closed the connection')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1187,'The client HTTP application did not send a Content-Length header')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-1188,'The maximum response size specified in the call to HTTPRead was exceeded')

;  OpenTransport Errors:
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2014,'Bad address')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2016,'Device or resource busy')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2039,'Destination address required')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2042,'Protocol not available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2043,'Protocol not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2048,'Address already in use')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2050,'Network is down')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2051,'Network is unreachable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2052,'Network dropped connection on reset')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2053,'Software caused connection abort')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2054,'Connection reset by peer')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2055,'No buffer space available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2056,'Socket is already connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2057,'Socket is not connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2059,"Too many references: can't splice")
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2060,'Connection timed out')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2061,'Connection refused')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2064,'Host is down')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-2065,'No route to host')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3150,'A bad address was specified')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3151,'A bad option was specified')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3152,'Missing access permission')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3153,'Bad provider reference')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3154,'No address was specified')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3155,'Call issued in wrong state')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3156,'Sequence specified does not exist')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3157,'A system error occurred')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3158,'An event occurred - call Look()')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3159,'An illegal amount of data was specified')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3160,'Passed buffer not big enough')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3161,'Provider is flow-controlled')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3162,'No data available for reading')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3163,'No disconnect indication available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3164,'No Unit Data Error indication available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3165,'A Bad flag value was supplied')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3166,'No orderly release indication available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3167,'Command is not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3168,'State is changing - try again later')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3169,'Bad structure type requested for OTAlloc')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3170,'A bad endpoint name was supplied')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3171,'A Bind to an in-use addr with qlen > 0')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3172,'Address requested is already in use')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3173,'Accept failed because of pending listen')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3174,'Tried to accept on incompatible endpoint')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3175,'Endpoint must be bound with a qlen parameter equal to 0')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3176,'The address to which this endpoint is bound differs from that of the endpoint that received the connection request')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3177,'The maximum number of outstanding indications has been reached for the endpoint')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3178,'An unspecified protocol error occurred')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3179,'Attempted synchronous call at interrupt time')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3180,'The command was cancelled')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3200,'Permission denied')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3201,'Endpoint mapper or entity not found')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3202,'No such resource')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3203,'Interrupted system service')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3204,'I/O error')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3205,'No such device or address')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3208,'Bad file number')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3210,'Try operation again later')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3211,'Cannot allocate enough memory to meet your request')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3212,'Permission denied')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3213,'Bad address')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3215,'Device or resource busy')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3216,'Attempt to register a port or other entity that already exists')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3218,'No such device')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3221,'Invalid argument - server likely stopped or unavailable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3224,'Not a character device')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3231,'Broken pipe')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3233,'Message size too large for STREAM')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3234,'Call would block so was aborted')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3236,'kEALREADYErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3237,'Socket operation on non-socket')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3238,'Destination address required')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3239,'Message too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3240,'Protocol wrong type for socket')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3241,'Protocol not available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3242,'Protocol not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3243,'Socket type not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3244,'Operation not supported on socket')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3247,'Address already in use')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3248,"Can't assign requested address'")
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3249,'Network is down')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3250,'Network is unreachable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3251,'Network dropped connection on reset')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3252,'Software caused connection abort')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3253,'Connection reset by peer')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3254,'No buffer space available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3255,'Socket is already connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3256,'Socket is not connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3257,"Can't send after socket shutdown")
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3258,"Too many references: can't splice")
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3259,'Connection timed out')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3260,'Connection refused')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3263,'Host is down')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3264,'No route to host')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3269,'A catastrophic error has occurred which probably renders the underlying stream unusable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3270,'An Ioctlcommand has timed out instead of completing normally')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3271,'Cannot allocate enough system resources to meet request')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3272,'kEBADMSGErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3273,'kECANCELErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3274,'kENOSTRErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3275,'kENODATAErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3276,'kEINPROGRESSErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3277,'kESRCHErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3278,'kENOMSGErr')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3279,'Client has not called InitOpenTransport or InitOpenTransportUtilities')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3280,'The port your provider was using is disabled because it was unregistered')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3281,'The port your provider was using is disabled because it was ejected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3282,'TCP/IP stack improperly configured by the TCP/IP control panel')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3283,'Configuration changed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3284,'The port your provider was using is disabled because the user switched')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-3285,'The port your provider was using is disabled because it lost the connection')

;  Socket Errors:
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10004,'Interrupted function call')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10009,'Bad file descriptor')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10013,'Permission denied')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10014,'Bad address')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10022,'Invalid argument')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10024,'Too many open files')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10035,'The command would block')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10036,'Operation now in progress')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10037,'Operation already in progress')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10038,'Socket operation on non-socket')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10039,'Destination address required')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10040,'Message too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10041,'Protocol wrong type for socket')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10042,'Bad protocol option')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10043,'Protocol not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10044,'Socket type not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10045,'Operation not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10046,'Protocol family not supported')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10047,'Address family not supported by protocol family')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10048,'Address already in use')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10049,'Cannot assign requested address')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10050,'Network is down')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10051,'Network is unreachable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10052,'Network dropped connection on reset')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10053,'Software caused connection abort')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10054,'Connection reset by peer')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10055,'No buffer space available')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10056,'Socket is already connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10057,'Socket is not connected')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10058,'Cannot send after socket shutdown')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10059,'Too many references; cannot splice')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10060,'Connection timed out')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10061,'Connection refused')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10062,'Too many levels of symbolic links')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10063,'File name too long')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10064,'Host is down')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10065,'No route to host')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10066,'Directory not empty')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10067,'Too many processes')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10068,'Too many users')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10069,'Disk quota exceeded')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10070,'Stale NFS file handle')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10071,'Too many levels of remote in path')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10091,'Network subsystem is unavailable')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10092,'WINSOCK.DLL version out of range')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10093,'Successful WSAStartup() not yet performed')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-10101,'Graceful shutdown in progress')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-11001,'Host not found')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-11002,'Non-authoritative host not found')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-11003,'This is a non-recoverable error')
Do TCPErrorList.$add(-11004,'Valid name, no data record of requested type')

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