Deploying updated libraries (was Replacing Omnis VCS with SVN/Git type repository)

Alex Clay aclay at
Tue Jan 2 10:10:56 EST 2018

On Jan 2, 2018, at 09:52, Graham Stevens <graham.stevens at> wrote:

> Alex,
> How are you assigning (and reading) the build number of your libraries?  I have been thinking along similar lines, perhaps, in our case, using the SVN revision.

We write a simple build_number.txt with each build from Jenkins. We track these number in a separate database to ensure a unique value.

I like the idea of a configuration file, perhaps with support for including an entire directory. We could also add support for including remote files, such as libraries hosted on Github. Add some semantic version tagging and presto - true package management for Omnis. (As if it's _just_ that easy!! ;) )

I'll see if I can integrate our two approaches this week and offer a PR to your project. I'm working on switching our Mac deployment to use ~/Library Application support which requires testing our app_loader on macOS, so the timing is good.

Our app_loader.lbs will perform a runtime update of running libraries so don't restart Omnis. However, this doesn't handle reloading xcomps, so Doug's python reloader is a good companion project.


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