Calldll.xcomp forStudio --- anybody know where it came from??

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Mon Jan 1 23:05:05 EST 2018

Hi Doug,

The Mac build of calldll.u_xcomp was done by Mitford House for Studio 5 and/or 6 to work as you said, as a placeholder that avoids obscuring those Windows-only RegisterDLL and CallDLL commands as Xnnnnn tokens in your code when viewed on Mac.  A couple years ago I ported the Windows version to 64 bit, and then Mitford House cleaned that up and fixed a bug or two in it, before shipping it with Studio 8.  I did not build a stubbed-out Mac equivalent.  If the Omnis engineers don't have time to do that, I could give it a shot, but I'd submit an enhancement request for starters - they probably just overlooked it.


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