Calldll.xcomp forStudio --- anybody know where it came from??

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Mon Jan 1 21:42:53 EST 2018

hi there.

In my zComp folder in Studio 5.3.2 — I have an xcomp called ‘calldllu_xcomp’ …  which, if I recall, is a placebo that is all about making the calldll functions appear on a mac —— so that you can read the code, but they do nothing.

I don’t know where I got it from (I thought Kelly, but I don’t see it on that web site).

is there anything available for OSX studio 8.1.x  that does the same thing?

On the windows side,  think I recall the word is that calldll went away on 64 bit window (Studio 6) — but then came back for Studio 8.

so the purpose of the Mac OSX calldll.xcomp is still valuable — more so since if we want to use got for a repository ..   all the external calls need to be defined.

does any body know;
a) where OSC calldll came from
b) if there is a Studio 8.1 version?

thanks in advance.

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