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This open source library of mine may be helpful. Current it is only a little beyond proof-of-concept. It has not been used yet in a released application.

It allows you to use something akin to CSS in your library. You instantiate an object in your base window class and it decorates each type of field you indicate with whatever properties you want to set. This could include fonts and you could have different settings for Mac/Windows based on some switch.


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> Hello all,
> I'm preparing to upgrade my company's v6.x applications to v8. I'm expecting a smooth upgrade to v8 regarding syntax/compatibility, but also want to take this opportunity to do a thorough refresh of the look-and-feel of our application. We currently use some older Studio features, like fieldstyles, to help manage consistent look-and-feel. I've noticed some newer (to me, anyway!) options such as "themes" and "background skins", and wondering if anyone would like to share thoughts on how to best take advantage of (or avoid) these & newer options I've yet to discover in v8.
> Another GUI-related issue I want to address is font-size. Our apps currently use 9 or 10 point fonts for entry & display fields. This was pretty comfortable 15 years ago, but nowadays with higher-resolution monitors, this is becoming painfully small. Curious what the prevailing trend is in the Omnis-world for standard font-sizes & adjusting for higher-res display screens.
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