O$8.x - options to manage consistent look & feel

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hi Brian.

re - fonts — on OSX we went with lucidia Grande 13 point.   since that was apple’s standard when we did our studio migration about a decade ago.    I’d go goole for standard  (eg  — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typography_of_Apple_Inc.  ) and font size and make myself standard with the OS.

because we did lucidia on Mac, we used the same size Lucidia on windows — which, as I recall, was also built in.

apparently (according to wikipedia) — apple is now using Helvetica on OSX (since 2012)

just what we did..   (and then you know the font is on the machine).

here’s anothe reference of standard fonts on multi platforms  http://www.ampsoft.net/webdesign-l/WindowsMacFonts.html

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> Another GUI-related issue I want to address is font-size. Our apps currently use 9 or 10 point fonts for entry & display fields. This was pretty comfortable 15 years ago, but nowadays with higher-resolution monitors, this is becoming painfully small. Curious what the prevailing trend is in the Omnis-world for standard font-sizes & adjusting for higher-res display screens.
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