Graham Stevens graham.stevens at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 04:30:13 EDT 2018

Hi Mike,

On El Capitan 10.11.6 here and my feeling was that, in previous versions 
of O$8, the problem occurred mostly when editing code in debug mode 
and/or when Omnis crashed after editing several classes. But since 
upgrading to 8.1.5, I have not seen the issue.  I put this down to 
8.1.5's stability.  I have it running for days on end and cannot recall 
when I last had it crash on me.  So that leaves me wondering if it is an 
issue with High Sierra.  I have avoided upgrading here at the office 
because I have been noticing strange happenings with software I use on 
my home machine which is on High Sierra.

Just my 2¢.

Best regards,

On 26/04/2018 08:49, Graham Stevens wrote:
> 8.1.5 on macOS 13.13.3 with 12 Gb RAM
> Can anyone confirm that O$8.1.5 (and I think back to 8.0.3) does not always save a class in the IDE when it is closed.
> And classes left open when Quitting Omnis frequently leads to a crash out rather than a dignified quit?
> Or is it just me?
> Mike

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