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Vik Shah Vik at
Wed Apr 25 19:22:54 EDT 2018

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I am trying to help a mate of mine out and I am stumped by as to why omnis studio 8.1.4 keeps crashing. Best ask the list for a second opinion. :-)

Omnis Support has logged it as a bug ST/PF/1095, but there must be a work around that I am missing...

To reproduce this, 
1. Place the AdHoc library (yes, I know no one uses it anymore) into the Startup Folder of the omnis installation.
2. you’ll need a data file open. I used one of the example/sample libs like Omnis DML entry for this.
3. Create a New AdHoc report from a file class, any type/style and once past the wizard you’ll land on the report design window.
4. Either press Ctrl+S or Command + S to save the report and omnis crashes! OR close the window and it will prompt you to save the report and omnis will crash.

I think that its the nested calls to $canclose that are tripping over each other or its trying to close using a reference that is already dead.

Just want to get a second opinion and perhaps an idea on how to fix this.


Vik Shah
AU: +61 411 493 495

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