Martin Luce martinluce at
Tue Apr 24 15:15:13 EDT 2018


Running 8.1.4 on a windows 2016 server I am getting problems getting printing done on the correct printer which is a problem as the users are spread over 2 sites.

The problem occurs when there are a string of reports eg statements being printed. The first one will go to the right printer but after that it seems to go off to the default printer of the server. There is no problem when there is only one report needed.

Just before each report being printed in a series of reports (statements), there is

Select printer (Discard previous settings) {[MC_Printer]}
Send to printer

Where MC_Printer is the printer selected by the user. MC_Printer shows the correct name even after reports have gone to the wrong printer.

Any clues to sort this much appreciated. Could of course move the server!


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